Fauna 2017 - Platalea Leucorodia - Set

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Technical details
  • 30.03.2017
  • Zoran Popović
  • Blicdruk - Sarajevo
  • 42.00 x 28.00 mm
  • 0.95
About Fauna 2017 - Platalea Leucorodia

Shea butter (Platalea leucorodia) is a species typical of the yellow top of the beak, neck and interesting female. It can reach up to 1m and weigh about 1-1.2 kg. The wing span is 115-135 cm. Nestlé on the island of Paratuk, on the Bojana River, where up to 32 pairs are registered. Nestlate in a patch, shrub, low above water. It lays between 3-6 eggs, which both parents watch from 21 to 25 days. Both babies also care about the cubs. The most important for this species is the preservation of wetlands networks where it rests and feeds, and in our case this is the case with the Tivat saltpans and Ulcinj saltpans. Post of Montenegro, as part of the edition "Fauna", publishes a special issue of a postage stamp containing a single stamp and a first day cover. The author of the idea is Zoran Popović, a graphic designer from Podgorica.

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