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75 Years of battles at Sutjeska and Neretva - Monument at Neretva - Set

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  • 05.11.2018
  • Nebojsa Djumic
  • Forum, Novi Sad
  • Offset
  • multicolour
  • 4.40 BAM
About 75 Years of battles at Sutjeska and Neretva - Monument at Neretva

This year, it is full 75 years since the great battles on Neretva and Sutjeska, and Poste Srpske honored the numerous victims of the past war with this postage stamp. The Battle at Neretva, the Battle for the Wounded or the Fourth Enemy Offensive is a name that broadly covers the military operations of "Weiss I", "Weiss II" the YAiF (Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland) operation for the destruction of the NLAY (National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia) with the cooperation of the Italians, as well as the offensive NLAY in the Neretva river basin, and then in eastern Herzegovina from January 20 to April 1, 1943. One of the common names is the battle for the wounded, because by the clash of operational circumstances, the Main Operational Group of the Supreme Staff of the NLAY was forced to take with them and central hospital, which has led to a number of dramatic battles to rescue the wounded. The battle ended with a clear victory of the NLAY, which managed to realize the essence of its offensive plan.

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