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International Family Day - Set

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  • 15.05.2017
  • Nebojsa Djumic
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  • Forum, Novi Sad
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About International Family Day

The aim of 15th International Day of the family is, the affirmation of family and family values, fostering equality between women and men within the family, protection of the family as the basic unit of society and help to families to fulfill their responsibility to the community. The family is a community of individuals that should allow each of its members to find a place in society where it belongs. She has a very important role in human development, not only human, but society in general. Only family can "hold together of society" because only it inherently protects defenseless child, so that parents seem responsible for its development that meets the need for emotional balance and thus providing psycho-social health of the child and allows the child to connect with other members of society. "Contract" that applies to the family as a community must be based on the willingness of those who engage in such a community to meet each other and meet certain fundamental human needs.

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