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250 Years from the Birth of Filip Visnjic - Set

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  • 29.05.2017
  • Nebojsa Djumic
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About 250 Years from the Birth of Filip Visnjic

Filip Visnjic is one of the most famous Serbian minstrels and creators of Serbian folk songs.
He was born in 1767 on Majevica, in the village of Gornja Trnova, near Ugljevik. He was from a wealthy family Vilic. His father died young. His mother married again into the village's Medjasi and she took her four-year son with her. In her nickname - Cherry - Filip will receive a name. In the eighth year Filip Visnjic has suffered a smallpox which left scars on his face and he became blind.
In the old hearth was no more bread for Philip, but not new after his mother died. Having learned to play the fiddle, the young man left the Medjasi, wandering the roads and begging bread with the song. He travelled for years after going around Bosnian pashadom, Herzegovina, and came to Skadar. In the villages around the monastery he sang to Christian people, and stopped by the courts of the Muslim League who had received him with respect. Our minstrel had a song for ordinary people and masters.

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